Porn Exposure is Unavoidable.

“As exposure to online pornographic content is almost unavoidable for young generations, scientific findings support the notion that protection of children from too early exposure should be prioritized.”

Dwulit et al., 2019 – on the Prevalence & Patterns of Porn Consumption

The Numbers Tell the Story:

0 %
of 18 year old boys have consumed pornography
0 %
of males 18 – 30 years of age watch porn once per month
0 %
of college student males watch once per week


Porn Damages the Brain

Porn is dangerous because even moderate porn use has been correlated with shrunken gray matter in the parts of the brain that oversee thinking and judgment.

Porn Teaches Unhealthy Sexuality

Kids are going to use porn to learn about sex —we know this from recent studies. From porn, they’re also learning sexual aggression, heightened arousal templates, and fetish style sexuality that leads them away from healthy sexual relationships.

We want to teach teens and youth healthy sexuality — instead of distorted sexuality that can lead to addiction, brain damage, and increased mental and physical health problems.


Our Porn Brain Prevention program is designed to teach youth about the addictive dangers of porn consumption, how to avoid porn, and how to develop healthy sexuality instead. 


Your Donation Contributes Directly in 3 Specific Ways.

Free Educational Content

on this website, social media, and the internet about the dangers of porn use and how to stop if you have started.

Free Digital Educational Program

that highlights healthy mood regulation and sexuality, to be provided in schools, churches, and youth organizations.

Free Support

for young adults struggling with porn addiction to recover and develop healthy sexuality.

Together, with donors like you, Porn Brain Prevention will make real progress towards helping young people avoid porn and develop healthy relationships for a positive ripple effect of change. 

In 2019, there were over 42 billion visits to just a single porn site, averaging 115 million visits per day.

We have a lot of work to do. Will you join us?

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