Porn Damages Teenagers Brains During an Important Time of Development.

You Can Help Teens to Avoid Pornography, Develop Healthy Brains, and Thrive with Your Donation.

Porn has been proven to contribute to the rising numbers across the world of anxiety, depression, emotional abuse, relationship problems, divorce, erectile dysfunction, focus and memory issues and much, much more. 

Our mission is to help teenagers avoid porn, develop healthy brains, and reach their full potential, We strive to interrupt the pattern of disruption porn use causes. Your donation can directly help.

You Donation Contributes in Three Specific Ways:

Free Online Educational Content

about the addictive dangers of porn use, the behavioral problems that it causes, how to avoid porn use, and how to stop if you’ve started.

Free Programs for Young Adults

who struggle with addictive porn use to stop and heal their brains and lives.

Free Digital Educational Program

to be used in schools, churches, and youth organizations on the dangers of porn use and how to develop healthy stress coping mechanisms and sexuality.


To Help Teenagers Avoid and Stop Watching Porn, Heal Their Brains, and Reach Their Full Potential

Porn has been proven to contribute to: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Divorce 
  • Depression 
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Emotional Abuse 
  • Sexual Aggression
  • Focus & Memory Issues 
  • Decreased Sexual Satisfaction
  • Relationship Problems 
  • Much, Much More

The most difficult aspect is that very few people trace these challenges back to their porn use. 

We want to stop the silent tsunami of porn. 

Our mission is to help teenagers avoid porn and leave porn behind for good.

Your donation can directly help.

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