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A Blog to Help Reboot Your Brain from Porn Use​

Neuroscience education and inspiration for those who want to learn of the damaging effects of porn on your brain and life, and then heal their brains from porn use. Practical and trending content to help you leave porn behind including science, brain training with technology, and life-style changes to improve routines, habits, thoughts processes, emotional regulation, and more.

Mind, Body, and Life Impacts of Porn

Most people don’t know that porn consumption is proven to damage your brain. In fact, it can shrink your brain size and decrease brain activity. This can cause big problems in your mental and physical health.

Find out how now.

Brain Effects of Porn

Porn is shown to contribute to an increase in anxiety, depression, anger, brain fog, divorce and break-ups, strained relationships, delayed ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction, even at a young age.

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Heal Your Brain from Porn

Your brain can heal from porn use. Using the power of neuroplasticity, you can improve your brain performance pattern by re-activating and re-sensitizing the areas that have been damaged.

Find out how from Dr. Trish Leigh.


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