How You Can Help.

Astonishingly, although porn use is staggeringly high right now, it continues to be on the rise.

You Donation Can Be Used in Three Specific Ways:

Free Online Content for All Teenagers​

Support free content for all teenagers on the internet. We create and spread educational messages to help teens avoid and stop consuming porn. We teach about how:

  • Porn damages the Brain
  • Porn impairs frontal lobe function and thus thinking and judgment
  • Porn desensitization of the reward center thus needing more stimulation
  • Porn impacts increases anxiety and depression
  • Porn increases anger and irritability
  • Porn decreases self-esteem in teenagers
  • Porn creates ADHD like symptoms
  • Porn decreases motivation
  • Porn increases sexual aggression
  • Porn harms relationships
  • Porn creates shame and isolation
  • & MORE

Free Digital Educational Program for Youth Organizations

Free educational programs for schools, churches, and youth organizations. Together we can help them teach teens on the addictive dangers of porn use, how it impacts their mental and physical health, how to avoid porn use, and how to stop if they have started (which can be difficult due to the addictive nature).

Free Recovery Program for Young Adults Struggling with Porn Addiction

Due to the addictive nature of porn use, it can be very difficult to stop. Once a teen figures out they indeed have a problem with porn use, most cannot stop on their own. They need a program. A strong program based on neuroscience can help them leave porn behind faster and with greater ease. We will provide this program free of charge to young adults. In doing so, we hope to decrease the negative ripple effect for generations to come.

Our mission is to help teenagers avoid and leave porn behind.

Your donation can directly help.

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