Porn’s Impact on Your Brain: The Captain vs. the Gorilla

Porn’s Impact on Your Brain: The Captain vs. the Gorilla

The Prefronal Cortex, The Captain of Your Brain

If you want to know how porn impacts your brain, then you are in the right place. You may not be aware that there are two systems in your brain that are vying for control at all times. One lives up top, in the most developed area of your brain, the prefrontal cortex. We will call this area “The Captain”. 

The Captain is highly trained and highly skilled. He is great at making decisions, he can stay focused, he thinks things through and from all angles. He is sharp. He takes a bit longer to act, but when he does, he is right on. He is your executive function center in your brain and he controls your thinking.

The Gorilla in the Hull: The Damaged Reward Center in the Mid Brain

The other lives down below in the hull. This fellow is a 1000 lb. gorilla and all he wants is to eat bananas. He is single-minded focused on getting as much gratification as possible with the least amount of effort. 

The gorilla is emotional, impulsive, and irrational. He wants one thing and one thing only, even at risk of destroying everything around him and even devastating the ship itself. All he wants is bananas. 

Find out how in this video. 

You might not know that porn is proven to cause thinking and memory problems. It has been shown to decrease attention and focus, ability to follow through on tasks and productivity overall. 

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The Choice is Yours: Captain or Gorilla.

Who are you going to let drive your ship? A skilled captain or a banana deranged gorilla? If you let the captain drive with the gorilla down below, it exhausts his resources and tires him. Time to set the gorilla free. 


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